Remodeling Your Kitchen? Keep These Tips in Mind

You’ve had an epiphany and realize your current kitchen is no longer cutting it. We’ve been there, and we know firsthand all of the easy problems and frustration that will occur if you don’t take the proper steps. Today, we’re highlighting some critical tips to make your kitchen remodel as seamless as possible.

Repair or Replace? How Do You Know When an Appliance is Past Its Prime?

Your essential appliances provide you with the ultimate convenience, and, after a while, you get attached to them. Let’s be honest, can you really enjoy home life without a refrigerator to keep your food fresh or a washer/dryer combo to take the hassle out of laundry day? We can’t! 

Professional Development and Continuous Training in the Appliance Industry

In any industry, professional development and training are crucial perks that employers must provide to their employees to stay up-to-date with new technology, techniques, and skills. In the appliance industry, if companies do not offer continuing education opportunities to their workers, the company will become less and less reliable. If appliances change while repair, installation, […]

5 Important Repairs for Your Home

Appliance and exterior elements’ repairs and replacements are inevitable for any homeowner. However, if you stay on top of a few things, you can save yourself from many headaches and expensive services. At the Appliance Doctors, we understand that your home is one of your largest investments, and you want to keep its value as […]

How Smart Technology Transformed Common Household Appliances

Smartphones completely transformed the way we communicate and interact with the world around us. These devices have allowed mankind to construct previously unimaginable networks for sharing ideas and information. However, smartphones were just the beginning of a now booming trend of smart technology, and today, consumers have access to a wide range of intelligent household […]

Could This Be The “Smartest” Home Ever?

The Farley family set out to build the “smartest” house ever created and it all runs on their very own, exclusive cryptocurrency, Farley Coin. Matt Farley created Farley Coin as a part of the Ethereum blockchain to reward his children for completing tasks and chores like brushing their teeth, taking out the trash, and doing […]

Tips to Make Buying Your Appliances Online Even Easier!

First, make sure you measure the space in your home where the new appliance will go. You’ll be able to find the new product measurements in the online listing to check if it will fit. You’ll also want to think about how far the new appliance needs to be placed from the wall and if […]

Relax, You’re On Vacation! Take Care of Your House with Smart Home Technology

With summer officially here and family vacations right around the corner, you can rest easier while you’re away from home thanks to the help of some smart home technologies. Smart thermostats sync up with your phone, allowing you to change the temperature in your house remotely. So you can turn the air conditioner off after […]

Dumb Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Your Smart Home

Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Cost Sticking to a set budget is important, but when it comes to smart home technology, you don’t want to focus only on the upfront costs. Choosing cheaper products often means you’ll have to replace those products sooner, making your initial savings obsolete while still leaving you with a lower quality […]

The Secret to A Seamless Smart Home? It’s All in the Plug

The key to having a smart home that feels automated and synchronized isn’t as extensive and expensive as you may think. Smart plugs are discrete smart devices that plug into traditional wall sockets and connect to wifi to automate and remotely control the appliances and electronics plugged into your home. Using the app on your […]