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How Smart Technology Transformed Common Household Appliances - Appliance Doctors

How Smart Technology Transformed Common Household Appliances

Smartphones completely transformed the way we communicate and interact with the world around us. These devices have allowed mankind to construct previously unimaginable networks for sharing ideas and information. However, smartphones were just the beginning of a now booming trend of smart technology, and today, consumers have access to a wide range of intelligent household appliances. In this article, we discuss a few ways smart technology has simplified housekeeping, in addition to three home appliances that have never been the same since the conception of the Internet of Things.

Smart Homes & The Internet of Things

Before we show you a few common home appliances that have been completely reimagined by smart technology, you should know a few things about the Internet of Things. If you haven’t heard about it already, the Internet of Things refers to the growing list of electronics that have the ability to connect with other devices through digital networks. The Internet of Things uses smartphones as its main vehicle. Smart appliances that are a part of the Internet of Things can be controlled with your smartphone, usually after downloading a product-specific app.

People can now control their air conditioning, refrigerator, lights, and many other appliances in their home when they aren’t even there. In the video below, we’ll show you three previously-mundane household appliances that now have a futuristic feel thanks to smart technology.

As you can see, ordinary appliances that hadn’t changed much for decades were suddenly reborn thanks to an infusion of smart technology. These innovations allow us to have more control over our homes, freeing up valuable time that would normally be spent on daily chores.

It is interesting to note that the vacuum has become less interactive in its Roomba® form, but the doorbell — now equipped with smartphone-linked cameras — has become much more interactive, allowing users to monitor their front door from virtually anywhere in the developed world.

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