Could This Be The “Smartest” Home Ever?

The Farley family set out to build the “smartest” house ever created and it all runs on their very own, exclusive cryptocurrency, Farley Coin. Matt Farley created Farley Coin as a part of the Ethereum blockchain to reward his children for completing tasks and chores like brushing their teeth, taking out the trash, and doing their homework. Farley Coin can then be redeemed for rewards like getting to watch TV.
Farley Coin integrates with the family’s custom smart home system, “Jarvis.” Jarvis controls the home’s thermostat, alarm system, lighting, and entertainment system. Jarvis automatically arms the house when none of the family’s cell phones are detected inside the house and live video feeds of the doors, the home’s interior, and perimeter of the yard are available on every screen at any time. The family’s car is tracked in real time so the kids know where their parents are and when they’ll be back. Dash buttons in each room connect to TVs for instant play of selected shows and the whole house is equipped with Amazon Echo Dots for Jarvis to play music. Jarvis even evaluates the kids’ home school work and awards or deducts points for Farley Coin based on their performance. The Farley smart home is linked via touchscreens, live video feed, and smart speakers in every room ready to receive voice commands. For all the details and videos on the Farley Smartest Home, visit his article at