Professional Development and Continuous Training in the Appliance Industry

In any industry, professional development and training are crucial perks that employers must provide to their employees to stay up-to-date with new technology, techniques, and skills. In the appliance industry, if companies do not offer continuing education opportunities to their workers, the company will become less and less reliable. If appliances change while repair, installation, […]

Why Won’t My Dryer Turn On?

cartoon of broken dryer

Is there anything worse than doing a full load of laundry just to find out your dryer isn’t working? Then you have to decide whether to leave the load in the washer and run the risk of growing mildew, hang your clothes in random areas around the house, or drive to the nearest laundromat. The […]

How to Safely and Effectively Clean Your Dirty Oven

The oven is an essential appliance for every home. From roasting chicken and vegetables to baking cakes and confections, the oven proves its worth time and again. But, just like any other culinary appliance, grease and baked-on food can build up on the racks and all sides of the oven. These organic particles can alter […]

5 Important Repairs for Your Home

Appliance and exterior elements’ repairs and replacements are inevitable for any homeowner. However, if you stay on top of a few things, you can save yourself from many headaches and expensive services. At the Appliance Doctors, we understand that your home is one of your largest investments, and you want to keep its value as […]

How Smart Technology Transformed Common Household Appliances

Smartphones completely transformed the way we communicate and interact with the world around us. These devices have allowed mankind to construct previously unimaginable networks for sharing ideas and information. However, smartphones were just the beginning of a now booming trend of smart technology, and today, consumers have access to a wide range of intelligent household […]

Could This Be The “Smartest” Home Ever?

The Farley family set out to build the “smartest” house ever created and it all runs on their very own, exclusive cryptocurrency, Farley Coin. Matt Farley created Farley Coin as a part of the Ethereum blockchain to reward his children for completing tasks and chores like brushing their teeth, taking out the trash, and doing […]

Tips to Make Buying Your Appliances Online Even Easier!

First, make sure you measure the space in your home where the new appliance will go. You’ll be able to find the new product measurements in the online listing to check if it will fit. You’ll also want to think about how far the new appliance needs to be placed from the wall and if […]

Breast Cancer Awareness October 2018

Thank you for your support! The $49 diagnosis donation campaign has ended, but you can still donate to the Cancer Society. Donate You may recall our “not just a pink shirt” campaign from last year, but this year we want to make an even bigger contribution to the Cancer Society! We’re doing this by offering all customers a […]

Free Appliance Diagnosis!

Usually it costs us over $100 to get our technicians and equipment to your home and perform a complete diagnosis of your appliances (which is why our Appliance Diagnosis is normally priced at $89). But this year we wanted to do something special for customers looking to try us out and experience service by the […]

$49 Diagnosis Offer!

Do you have a sick appliance? No Problem! We understand that when your appliances don’t work, you can’t afford to wait until morning or the first available appointment on Monday to have them fixed, and you shouldn’t have to! At Appliance Doctors, we offer 24-hour service 7 days a week including holidays and weekends. So […]