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Why Won’t My Dryer Turn On? - Appliance Doctors

Why Won’t My Dryer Turn On?

Is there anything worse than doing a full load of laundry just to find out your dryer isn’t working? Then you have to decide whether to leave the load in the washer and run the risk of growing mildew, hang your clothes in random areas around the house, or drive to the nearest laundromat. The correct choice is none of the above. What you should do is call Appliance Doctors to run the proper diagnostics and repair the problem.

If you can’t help but check for the possible impairment while waiting for help to arrive, below are some things you can look for.

A Broken Dryer Can Be Caused By: 

  • An Unplugged Cord: The simplest solution is the right answer sometimes. Check to see that your dryer is plugged in securely. If the power cord has major wear and tear, you might need to replace your cable so that the appliance is connected correctly to the power source. An electric dryer won’t operate on lower volts than it was designed to, so check the brake box to make sure the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped.
  • A faulty door latch: The dryer won’t start unless the dryer door is fully shut, which signals the motor to run. You can check if a defective door latch is the reason your unit is not working by testing the switch, found in the top panel, with a multimeter. If you don’t own a multimeter, call Appliance Doctors to perform this simple diagnostic for you.
  • A broken start switch: The start switch lets the dryer know that it’s ready to operate. If broken, the motor will never receive this signal, and never start running. The start switch can be checked in the same manner as a door latch.
  • A blown thermal fuse: Thermal fuses are put in place as a safety measure in case the dryer overheats, in which case it would shut the machine off by cutting off the main power supply. Thermal fuses are a little tricky to check as they are located on the back panel. They can be tested in the same manner as the door and start switches – with a multimeter. This can be a symptom of a larger issue so make sure you find out what caused your dryer to overheat in the first place before using it again.

Any other number of problems can cause your dryer to stay dormant, like a busted drive motor, malfunctioning main control board, or damaged terminal block. These issues are more advanced and require a technical eye. Don’t tinker around your dryer’s panels if you don’t know what to look for, as you could cause a much bigger problem. Always contact Appliance Doctors for emergency services!