Remodeling Your Kitchen? Keep These Tips in Mind

You’ve had an epiphany and realize your current kitchen is no longer cutting it. We’ve been there, and we know firsthand all of the easy problems and frustration that will occur if you don’t take the proper steps. Today, we’re highlighting some critical tips to make your kitchen remodel as seamless as possible.

Plan the Utilities

The effort put into planning beyond the visual appeal can make a massive difference in how great your kitchen remodel goes. Kitchens are one of (if not the most) complicated rooms to renovate due to the sheer amount of additional appliances and their various utility lines. Ensuring you plan ahead when it comes to electrical, plumbing, and where you utilize your natural gas is an essential part of structuring your kitchen and making it as functional as possible. We recommend contacting professionals to assist in this process to avoid accidental damage to both your utility lines and your home.

Lay Out Your Cooking Appliances First

When it comes to a full remodel, cooking appliances can have an immense impact on your kitchen’s overall design. With so much variety in the stovetops and ovens available on the market today, it can be easy to envision one thing and then fall in love with another. Choosing your cooking appliances first and laying out where they will end up allows for zoning and approximation for the rest of your kitchen necessities to be much easier than without it. Along with this process, it’s also essential to invest time into the proper ventilation to pair with your cooking appliances. 

Pick for Your Future

From the cabinets to the refrigerator and everything in between, it is important to build your brand new kitchen into one that fits your household’s needs while matching the plan perfectly. It’s important to invest in decent quality cabinetry that meets the perfect aesthetic you wish to achieve. As far as specific features, we believe families should consider soft close hinges for cabinets and drawers to increase longevity and decrease noise. With refrigerators, picking a unit that fits perfectly into your available space is essential. For smaller kitchens, we recommend side-by-side or french door units. If you need assistance with your refrigerator installation in the Cayman Islands, the team at Appliance Doctors always has you covered!

Trust Appliance Doctors for Service

To summarize all of our above tips and more, enjoy this infographic:

While we offer a wide variety of installation services, including water heater installations throughout the Cayman Islands, our true specialty is our outstanding repair and maintenance services! The key to keeping your newly remodeled kitchen functional for years to come is proper, professional care. Luckily, you can trust the Appliance Doctors team to aid you throughout the entire experience, from installation to repairs to a replacement over a decade from now. Contact us today and let us help make your dream kitchen a reality!