These Vampire Appliances Suck Energy Even When They’re Turned Off!

Energy “vampires” are appliances that use electricity even when you think you’ve turned them off by idling in standby mode. You can identify energy vampires in your home by looking for devices and appliances that require an external power supply, have a remote control, or have a display screen (such as a clock) that’s always on. The top energy vampires are 1) computers and computer equipment such as modems and routers, 2) flat screen TVs, 3) surround sound systems, 4) cable and satellite TV boxes, and 5) household appliances with a digital clock like microwaves, ovens, and DVD players. Slay the energy vampires in your home by unplugging appliances and electronics (especially phone chargers and video game consoles) when you’re not using them, using power strips to conveniently manage all the appliances in each room, and maybe consider upgrading some of your appliances to smart devices that only use energy when it’s needed.