6 Kitchen Appliances That Can Make You a Better Cook

I love kitchen appliances – ever since I was a kid, my parents would fill the kitchen with whatever the latest kitchen gadget was. From KitchenAid mixers and popcorn machines to dehydrators, vacuum sealers, and everything in between, they nurtured my love of these small appliances. Now with the Internet of Things driving smart home technology, the kitchen is evolving at a breakneck speed.

With sensors, voice assistants, timers, and automated recipes, even a kitchen newbie can cook like a professional chef. Check out how these gadgets can help you.

1. Pantelligent (Pantelligent.com)

Pantelligent is a smart pan with heat sensors and bluetooth built-in. Once you connect to your phone, you’ll have access to an archive of recipes and data on your phone. Start a recipe, and you’ll get notifications on your phone if the pan gets too hot, your meat needs to be flipped or sauce needs to be stirred. If you can’t make a perfect meal with Pantelligent, you’re failing on purpose.

2. Invoxia Triby (Invoxia.com)

If you’ve never used Alexa in your kitchen, you’re missing out on some fantastic skills Amazon’s fabled voice assistant can learn. Recipes, measurement conversions, and advice can be found from brands like Martha Stewart, Good Housekeeping, and more. Even better, you don’t need an Echo, Tap, or Dot to access it in the kitchen, because Invoxia Triby has Alexa built-in. It’s also a fridge magnet that can save messages, show notifications, and more. Turn any fridge into a smart fridge with Triby.

3. Instant Pot Smart-60 (InstantPot.com)

The Instant Pot is a great all-in-one appliance that can be used as a slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, yogurt maker, and more. There are 14 default programs for whatever type of meal you want to make, and both manual and automated modes are available by connecting Smart-60 to your smart phone through bluetooth. Instant Pot Smart-60 may be the only kitchen appliance you ever need.

4. Drop Scale (GetDrop.com)

Measurements are important in cooking, especially baking. Add too much baking soda, powder, or salt to a cookie mix, and you’ll quickly end up with unusable, inedible dough. Drop Scale is a digital scale with a non-stick silicon top that weighs in any format, converts, and connects to your iPhone via bluetooth to ensure you’re using exactly the right amount of each ingredient for the recipe you’re using.

5. ChefSteps Joule (ChefSteps.com)

Sous vide is the latest craze in cooking, and it doesn’t even require a stovetop or oven. Simply place the Joule into a pot of water to heat it to a precise temperature, and drop your bagged meats and vegetables in to get an evenly cooked meal. After that, it needs to be thrown on the grill or pan to sear and maintain all those juicy flavors that leak out during any other cooking method.

6. Paragon Induction Cooktop (ParagonInduction.com)

GE’s FirstBuild program is the company’s research and innovation arm that’s constantly looking for new ways to redefine the kitchen. The company’s latest release is a bluetooth-connected induction cooktop that also includes a thermometer that can be inserted into the pot/pan you place on it to fully measure temperatures and automate the cooking process. With Paragon you can walk away and get other things done while a delicious meal cooks itself.