Why Won’t My Dryer Turn On?

cartoon of broken dryer

Is there anything worse than doing a full load of laundry just to find out your dryer isn’t working? Then you have to decide whether to leave the load in the washer and run the risk of growing mildew, hang your clothes in random areas around the house, or drive to the nearest laundromat. The […]

How to Safely and Effectively Clean Your Dirty Oven

The oven is an essential appliance for every home. From roasting chicken and vegetables to baking cakes and confections, the oven proves its worth time and again. But, just like any other culinary appliance, grease and baked-on food can build up on the racks and all sides of the oven. These organic particles can alter […]

6 Kitchen Appliances That Can Make You a Better Cook

I love kitchen appliances – ever since I was a kid, my parents would fill the kitchen with whatever the latest kitchen gadget was. From KitchenAid mixers and popcorn machines to dehydrators, vacuum sealers, and everything in between, they nurtured my love of these small appliances. Now with the Internet of Things driving smart home […]

3 Dishwashers to Buy in 2017

Washing dishes by hand is so 20th century – there was once a time when it was easier to wash dishes by hand and simply use the dishwasher for disinfecting. Those days are long gone, however, and modern dishwasher detergent actually works better when there’s food on your plate. They react to the enzymes in […]