What Is the Best Dishwasher Brand?

Dishwashers are a dime a dozen — but choosing the right one for your home is where it gets tricky! Before investing tons of money into a new kitchen appliance, you want to consider all your options. 

There are tons of brands available on the market, and sifting through them all can be a challenge. Not to worry! We cover the best dishwasher brands below and guide you through what their top-rated dishwashers are known for.

Best Overall: Bosch 

When it comes to the best dishwasher brands, Bosch is consistently ranked #1 among independent reviewers and homeowners alike. What makes them a step above the rest?

In theory, a dishwasher’s job is simple: wash and sanitize dirty dishes until they sparkle, then dry. In reality, we expect a lot out of our dishwashers. They have to be efficient, fast, quiet, reliable, high-tech, affordable, and more. Bosch delivers on all fronts. 

All Bosch dishwashers include the PrecisionWash® System, which scores top marks on Consumer Reports for cleaning performance, and PureDry® System. They are also equipped with push button control and 24/7 overflow protection, so you never have to worry about an accidental flood. Select models come with smart technology and additional racks. 

The Bosch 300 Series features top-rated dishwashers that effortlessly combine performance, aesthetic design, and value. That’s why Bosch has been named America’s Most Trusted Dishwasher 4 Years in a Row (2019-2022), according to a study conducted by Lifestory Research. 

So, what is the best dishwasher brand? Overall, we would have to go with Bosch!

Best Technology: LG 

Are you building your smart home one appliance at a time? Then, you won’t need to spend too much time perusing the internet as to what the best dishwasher brand is. LG is a winner when it comes to innovation. 

Let’s take a look at how they take cleaning to the next level with cutting-edge technology!

  • TrueSteam®: If you’re worried about tough stains, don’t be. Each wash cycle starts with a blast of steam to soften caked-on food for easy removal, and each dry cycle ends with a blast of steam to eliminate water spots. 
  • QuadWash™: Four spray arms (instead of the traditional two) power clean dishes from all angles for maximum coverage. 
  • Direct Drive Motor: The unique rotor-type design allows the motor to connect directly to the dishwasher tub without the need for belts or pulleys. This not only saves energy but also lowers the noise produced by their smart dishwashers.
  • Dual Zone Wash: Place delicate china on the top rack and heavy-duty pots on the bottom; the Dual Zone Wash technology sprays water at two different intensities to clean dishes thoroughly with zero damage.
  • ThinQ®: Need to leave your dishwasher running while you’re taking care of errands? Features like Smart Access and Smart Adapt let you monitor it remotely while it washes and dries dishes.
  • LoDecibel™ Operation: Noisy dishwashers are a thing of the past. The Direct Drive Motor operates at the quiet level of 38dB. 
  • EasyRack™ System: You don’t have to struggle to fit oddly-shaped dishes or large pots into your dishwasher. Simply adjust the height of the upper rack to make everything fit. 

Although not every LG dishwasher is equipped with all the amazing features highlighted here, you’ll find that even their most affordable kitchen appliances are built to simplify your life. Each one is made of fingerprint-resistant stainless steel to keep your kitchen looking its best at all times. 

Most Reliable: Miele 

Miele products are built to last. It’s as simple as that. 

Known for prioritizing quality above all else, Miele has a rigorous testing process that’s equivalent to 20 years of use. Only their top-rated dishwashers make the cut, which is how you know you’re getting the best quality every time you buy one of their appliances. 

Miele manufactures both residential and commercial-grade equipment, and you’ll notice a lot of dishwashers have advanced technology. Some notable features include the built-in water softener, automatic detergent dispenser, aerosol steam condenser, and the sanitization process that can remove all sorts of bacteria. 

They’re also extremely versatile! If you’re looking to install one under a pre-existing countertop, their dishwashers have height adjusters to make sure it’s a perfect fit. 

Best Value: Samsung 

If there’s one thing Samsung does best, it’s value. Their selection of dishwashers is extremely affordable, with prices ranging from $700 to $1150, winning them the J.D. Power Award in 2022. Yet, the quality and performance you get in return are incredible!

Dirty dishes don’t stand a chance, whether they’re loaded in the bottom or upper rack, with Samsung’s advanced technologies — AquaBlast, Stormwash, and Zone Booster. Even when you run a half load to save on wash cycle time, these powerful jets will have your pots and pans (and silverware) sparkling. No dish has to be left behind with an adjustable rack and/or a flexible third rack. Then, when it comes time to dry, the AutoRelease Door Drying feature reduces your energy consumption by slightly opening the dishwasher door for better drying.

Sustainability is an ongoing initiative for Samsung. You’ll find that most of their dishwashers are ENERGY STAR® certified and can help you save power, thus lowering your energy bills.

If you have a green thumb and are looking for an energy-efficient appliance, Samsung is the best dishwasher brand for you!

Best Budget: Maytag 

When you’re on a budget, every dollar counts. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice cleaning performance to save money with a Maytag dishwasher. 

Maytag offers front control and top control dishwashers. All models are reasonably priced and equipped with dual power filtration, a stainless steel tub, and PowerBlast® cycles. More features are available for their top-rated dishwashers. 

You’ll find that not only are Maytag appliances affordable, to begin with, but they’re also available for financing with 0% APR based on your credit. To save even more, you can find coupons on their website or wait for holiday sales.

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