Dumb Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Your Smart Home

Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Cost
Sticking to a set budget is important, but when it comes to smart home technology, you don’t want to focus only on the upfront costs. Choosing cheaper products often means you’ll have to replace those products sooner, making your initial savings obsolete while still leaving you with a lower quality product.
Choose Products That Are Designed to Go Together
Many smart home appliances and accessories are designed to integrate up with one another (even across different brands). Before you buy, look at each product’s specifications to see what devices it’s compatible with so you can easily create a seamlessly synchronized smart home.
Buy All the Necessary Components for Each Product
Read the product’s specifications (look for an “Also Required” section) or talk to a sales representative in the store to find out which accessories are essential to the product’s functionality and which are optional
Keep Your Housing Situation In Mind
If you rent your home instead of owning it, review your rental contract or talk to your landlord to see what kinds of modifications you’re allowed to make to the home. If you’re planning to move soon, maybe consider smart home equipment that can move with you when you go.
Don’t Overload Your Wi-Fi
Most smart home devices sync up to your Wi-Fi, so it’s important to make sure that you aren’t putting more devices on your network than it can handle (too many devices will compromise your connectivity and slow down your Internet speed), or that you upgrade your internet to support your smart home devices.
Don’t Get Distracted By “Shiny” Features
It’s easy to get distracted with all the cool, futuristic smart home gadgets, so before you start shopping for smart home technology, make a list of the specific things in your home you’d like to upgrade and look for devices with relevant features.