How to Clean a Microwave

There’s no doubt about it: a dirty microwave is gross. Spaghetti sauce, popcorn oil, soup spills, you name it — all kinds of foods can leave stains and splatters inside your microwave, creating an unruly mess you must clean up.

The good news is that learning how to clean a microwave isn’t as difficult as you might think. There are actually many easy tips and tricks you can use to remove those unsightly food particles once and for all.

How Often Should You Clean a Microwave?

Before discussing how to clean a microwave, knowing how often you should perform this task is important. For the most part, you should consider tending to your microwave at least once a week.

Although this frequency might seem excessive (and exhausting), keeping up with small splatters will help you avoid having to perform a thorough, deep cleaning further down the line.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Microwaves?

If you’re tired of dealing with gross grime inside your microwave, you probably want a quick, easy solution to the problem. Luckily, there are various products and pantry staples you can use to clean your microwave. You might have to make a run to your local supermarket for some vinegar or dish soap, but otherwise, there’s a good chance that you have many of these products already on hand.

Let’s go over some of the best microwave cleaning methods and the simple steps needed to get the job done fast!

Vinegar & Water

If you ask your neighbors and friends for tips on how to clean a microwave, they might recommend using white vinegar and water. Why white vinegar specifically? This pantry staple is highly acidic, making it an excellent tool for tackling tough grime and stubborn stains.

Simply fill a microwave-safe bowl with two teaspoons of white vinegar along with two cups of water. Once combined, place the bowl in the microwave and put the microwave on high for five minutes. As the contents of the bowl start to boil, they will create steam. This steam will loosen the food particles that are sticking to the inside of the microwave.

Once the five minutes are up, let the bowl sit in the microwave for another 10 minutes. Afterward, you can remove the bowl — but be careful! It’s best to use oven mitts or potholders, so you don’t accidentally burn yourself. You’ll also want to remove the microwave turntable to give it a thorough cleaning.

Next, grab a soft rag or a roll of paper towels and start cleaning the inside of the microwave and the turntable. Since the steam should have softened the grime, the food particles should come off fairly easily. If you don’t enjoy the smell of vinegar, you can cover it up with your favorite essential oil.

Lemon Juice & Water

If you don’t have vinegar at the ready, you can also clean the microwave with lemon! First, cut a lemon in half and squeeze its contents into a microwave-safe bowl. Place the two halves of the lemon into the bowl, followed by one cup of water. Next, place the bowl in the microwave and follow the same instructions we used with the white vinegar!

Again, you’ll want to put the mixture inside the microwave and run it on high for five minutes. After letting the bowl sit for an extra 10 minutes once the microwave has finished running, carefully remove it with oven mitts. Simply clean the turntable and microwave interior with a soft rag.

Some people may say this is the best way to clean microwaves because the lemon will leave behind a refreshing, pleasant smell. Consider trying it out if you don’t enjoy the smell of vinegar.

Microwave-Safe Cleaner

If you want to learn how to clean a microwave without using vinegar or lemon juice, you might want to consider purchasing a store-bought cleaner. These cleaning products will have their own instructions, so remember to consult the labels and read the directions carefully so that you make the most of the cleaning experience.

Dishwashing Liquid

Now that you know how to clean the inside of these appliances, it’s understandable if you want to know how to clean the outside of microwaves. After all, a lot of unsightly (and unsanitary) grime can collect on the microwave door and handle.

Some homeowners will say that the best way to clean microwave doors is with dish soap and water. Simply mix some dishwashing liquid with water until it forms a lather. You can use the soapy mixture and a soft microfiber cloth to clean the exterior of the microwave. Afterward, consider wiping down the microwave door with a soap-free damp cloth.

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