Are Expensive Washing Machines Really Better?

Purchasing a washing machine can be difficult, with so many brands on the market and so many features to choose from. It’s easy to get the cheapest machine and call it a day, but would that really benefit your clothes or wallet? 

You want to keep a budget in mind, but you also don’t want to spend less money now to spend a lot more in the future. After all, you’ll be using your machine a lot, and a pricier option may be better in the long run. But are expensive washing machines actually better than cheaper ones? A few tips can help you determine how to select the washing machine right for your home — no matter the cost.

Front Loaders vs. Top Loaders

If you want to know what types of machines to look at, you’ll want to start with the two types of machines on the market. Front-loading machines are the most modern and, conversely, some of the more expensive washing machines on the market. State-of-the-art technology offers faster spinning that gets more moisture out of your clothes. They also come with more wash cycles for big loads and often save space with room for a matching dryer stacked on top.

Top loaders are the more traditional options that homeowners are used to, but that doesn’t mean they’re a slouch either. Typically, top loaders have a central rod in the middle connected to an agitator that moves clothes around and is considered much easier to load and can be accessed mid-cycle — unlike many front-loading types. They also cost less than front loaders but still offer a wide range of features that make them worthwhile.


The biggest factor that decides whether or not an expensive washing machine is better is how efficient it is. The use of large amounts of hot water is what typically raises energy bills. More efficient washing machines will use less water and, in turn, cost you less money.

Because of this, you want to look for a machine with a “high-efficiency” rating. High-efficiency ratings are given out to lab-tested washers that use a small amount of water and a high spin rate. Due to its design, front-loading washers are all high-efficiency models, meaning you’re guaranteed the most efficient wash upon purchase.

Does an Expensive Washing Machine Last Longer?

If you’re looking to avoid frequent washing machine installations in the Cayman Islands, then you’ll be pleased to know that expensive washing machines are better at saving money and last a long time. Top loading washing machines don’t usually require costly maintenance, but they are also more likely to break down. Front-loading washers might cost more and have higher maintenance costs, but following a regular maintenance and care schedule will likely see you enjoying the benefits of your high-efficiency washing machine for years to come. 

Can Expensive Washing Machines Save Me Money?

If the goal is to save money, the thought is that an expensive washing machine is likely to be a savior in the long run and thus is worth the investment. You’ll be spending more in the short term but getting a ton of savings over time. While this is usually true, it isn’t as easy as buying the most expensive washing machine and calling it a day. 

Front-loading washing machines are designed to be high efficiency, but not all are energy certified. Purchasing the wrong machine could leave you with a bad return on investment and even higher costs if your machine breaks down at any point. 

That being said, front-loading machines, while technically more expensive, will likely save you a ton of money compared to top-loading washers. They use less water and energy, leading to more efficiency for your home, and they also aren’t as loud as cheaper washing machines. Front-loaders are often some of the top-performing washing machines, so if you can afford to splurge, a more expensive washing machine is really better and more effective at saving you money in the long run.

Help Your Machine Last as Long as Possible

Machines nowadays are built to withstand almost anything, so you don’t have to worry about your investments going to waste. Low-priced washing machines might cost less, but an expensive washing machine is better in many ways, making it worth the investment. 

Want to know another way you can ensure that your machine lasts as long as possible? Getting the right maintenance work done on your machine. Using the right products and cleaning methods can only go so far, and why get one of the most efficient washing machines and not spend time caring for it? Reach out to Appliance Doctors if you’re in Grand Cayman and searching for appliance maintenance, and let us keep your machine going strong today!