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67 Point Appliance Maintenance Service

Popular Maintenance Service Check Points


  • Clean condenser coils
  • Check and replace water/ice filters

Bulb Replacement

  • Any appliance requiring a replacement bulb


  • Check & clear ventilation system
  • Test temperature accuracy (all modes)

Washing Machine

  • Complete sanitization & interior cleaning
  • Confirm proper operation of all hoses & belts

Hot Water Heater

  • Complete safety inspection for any rusty connections and faulty hoses/piping
  • Temperature & flow output testing and optimization


  • Test and/or correct any seals
  • Test accuracy of various cooking temperatures
  • Test function & temperature accuracy on each burner


  • Radiation leak testing for safety

Garbage Disposal

  • Full clean out & blade operation service


  • Clean and drain the sump pump
  • Check, clean, and clear spray arms

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